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Draenor Expansion
11/22/2014 07:47 AM by DizzyEnuf.

The guild is coming back to life with the return of so many veteran players!!! This expansion has brought back more of a WotLK feel to the playing experience - and people are loving it!!!

We didn't ever purge our membership lists - so returning players are able to log in for the first time in a few years and see familiar faces in the guild!!!

Is there someone you miss that hasn't played much since WotLK?? Let them know that the new expansion has many features in place that allow you to "catch up" quickly - in no time at all - it will be like they were never gone from Azeroth :P

Welcome back to those who are returning!! And thanks so much for hanging in there to those who've stuck around in our empty-ish guild waiting for the game to feel like this again!!!!


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