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State of the Sauce Address
04/22/2011 02:38 PM by DizzyEnuf.

Hello Every Buddy :)

It's your Guild Mistress - Miss DizzyEnuf

Thought I'd post some of the latest happenings and cool things we'd all like to know a bit more about.

The guild is Level 21 now (will be 22 within just a few days) - only a few more levels until we get to ride lions around :) :) :) which may be the most Awesome thing I've ever heard of!!!

We've got just over 180 different people in the guild now - playing on over 400 characters - that number includes some inactive players - but we've definitely got plenty of people doing plenty of Awesome things!!

Semiceri started a casual 10-man progression raiding team that already has events on the calendar. (Details about this are in the member forum - their main set is full - but you can definitely sign on to be an alt if you wish)

Xanaphia is starting up a PvP group - focusing on Arenas at first and working their way up to Rated Battlegrounds - details on this are also in the member forum - and there is still space available for this group!!

Other raid teams?? Our guild has been set up to allow all of its members the freedom to do whatever they wish with their game time.

To that end - our view on raiding and raid teams is as follows: anyone who has attained the rank of member or above can create their own guild events - so running a specific raid should be as simple as setting it up on the guild calendar.

If you'd like to begin a more organized and longer lasting group to do raiding - just post your rules and intent (like Semiceri and Xanaphia have done) in the member forums and let an officer know to put something about it in the guild's Message of the Day.

More information about our philosophy on raiding and guild life in general is available in the forums as well!

We've had some recent promotions - Grats to all of you!! As the guild keeps growing - we are always looking for Awesome people to fill the upper ranks - so keep being yourself and playing your game - and we'll find you!!!

As always - let us know if you need anything!! (And - as always - we may ignore you - or we may jump all over it and hook you right on up - lol - we're all just people playing a game!!)


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