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No Wai - Dizzy started a Raid Group??
04/13/2012 08:41 PM by DizzyEnuf.

"But I thought we didn't have any guild raiding" ...

That is correct!! This is just an event that I (Dizzyenuf) created - and as with any event created by anyone - the person who made the event is in charge of it - completely ... no one is required to attend and joining is completely voluntary.

You also may have noticed I have Magegen listed as assistant for this group ... this is to alleviate the fact that Dizzyenuf is poorly geared and mediocre at DPS on her good days ... he makes up for me!!

Anyhow - going for Tuesday nights and Saturday nights mainly - seeing how group schedule pans out for anything else.

If you want to be in on this - SIGN UP ON THE GUILD CALENDAR NOW!! While we're getting to know one another and doing the lower cata raids.

Don't wait til we're in DS to try to join!! There probably won't be room very often by then!!


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DizzyEnuf at 08/07/2014 04:27 AM

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