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Guild is 8/8 in DS reg
09/14/2012 09:58 AM by DizzyEnuf.

I have been running DS on regular for a few months now with lots of help from Banes ... my event groups regularly DE loot from there even ... no excuses for people to not sign up and come along.

Just run dungeons and buy the Justice Point gear that is ilvl 397 ... and you'll even be geared for it!!

But I'll drag along anyone as long as they have their ilvl above 375 ... and I have to do the place at least 8 more times for my legendary rogue daggers!!

We have even managed to get 8 guildies into a few of the runs and got the guild to 8/8 in Dragon Soul on regular.

Sign up - you never know what might happen!! (mole machines are NOT to be clicked on when you see them near the feasts!!!)

Have some fun - we'll all be lost once Mists hits!!

- Dizzy


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